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60 MINUTES $150 • sliding scale for those in financial need

The spiritual use of hypnotherapy serves to bring the conscious and unconscious, the mind and the spirit, together - as a cohesive whole that can better serve our needs today and for the future.

Because it can unite our own conscious and unconscious, hypnotherapy can:

  • relieve us of self-destructive habits and paralyzing fears.
  • It can help us change the way we see ourselves and reduce our sense of stress and anxiety.
  • It can help us come to peace with relationships, both present and past.
  • It can help us heal long-standing psychic and emotional injuries.
  • It can increase our sense of inner peace.
  • It help us formulate our own sense of what may be after this life, thus reducing our fear of the unknowns of death.
  • It can connect us with our own inner wisdom, giving us clarity and direction, and help us make sound decisions.
  • It can help us find our sense of purpose.

Discover the profound and lasting effects of spiritual and time regression hypnotherapy.



Regression Therapy

60 MINUTES $150 • sliding scale for those in financial need

Age regression, past life therapy, and life-between-life regression are exciting ways to explore the Self. Even a single excursion into one’s own past may be exciting and have a profound impact. But true regression therapy is a process.

Whether you end up exploring past lives, the state between lives, or earlier parts of this life, session by session you find your knowledge of yourself, and your perspectives on life, changed.

In the process of multiple regressions, we uncover a sense

  • of our own, personal, eternal-ness
  • of having lived, extensively, through Eternities Past
  • that we (the personal stream of consciousness we can “I”) will continue into Eternities Future
  • of who our Greater Selves must be
  • of our Purpose in this life
  • of the Purpose of our Souls in birthing and rebirthing in many lives
  • of the path to follow forward through the rest of this earthly sojourn
  • And of an ABIDING PEACE

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