About Us


We provide holistic spiritual counseling that is respectful of your spiritual (or non-spiritual) perspectives. We are LGBTQI aware and affirming.

Using hypnotherapy spiritually (a.k.a. guided visualization/meditation), it becomes a means of deep inner connection and self-awareness. We can help you access your own unconscious/subconscious/spiritual mind to affect lasting change. Hypnotherapy is neither frightening nor spooky. In hypnotherapy, you are never vulnerable. 
You remain in control at all times.

  • Using hypnotherapy, we can help you shift
    resistances against what you have wanted all along - to make choices, eat, and live, in ways that
    support your long-term goals. 
  • Along with destructive habits, hypnotherapy can be used to address: 
    • stress, anxiety, fear, phobias, social & self-confidence, sexuality & relationship issues, painful or repressed memories, and to find clarity and direction.

Using the tools of a social science analysis (sociology/anthropology), we can help you better understand
your social and sexual relationships and life experience. 

  • Together, we can devise strategies to create desired change. 

Coaching from the perspective of positive thinking, we can help you uncover your hidden talents and forgotten aspirations, and encourage you to: 

  • Take back the reigns of your destiny, reset your compass, and move forward toward your dreams. 
  • A deeper understanding of our own capacities to manifest - to use our focused will to effect
    change in our own lives (a.k.a. the law of attraction) - is vital to moving past the past and building
    the future we desire.

This combination provides us with an effective set of tools for helping you find answers, facilitate inner growth and self-exploration, and become the you you would most like to be.